Low interest rate on Payday Loans | Just Need ID card


You are having trouble with money. You want to borrow money fast in the day, bank interest. The financial consultancy company on your side specializes in lending money at the most low and most prestigious lending rates in Ho Chi Minh City.

When borrowing private hot money outside the first thing, do you care that it is low or high interest rate ?. Is it as exorbitant as borrowing a gangster? Customers please rest assured, here is the preferential interest rate that the party is applying to invite you to consult:

From 0.7% / month if you have assets to secure the loan.

From 1.5% / month if you do not have assets to secure the loan.

To borrow money with ID card, you must have a household registration book in Ho Chi Minh City. Original or photo papers are accepted, we check the completed information and return it to you. Note that customers have houses in Saigon, the time and procedures for lending are resolved quickly.

The most competitive lending rate today

The most competitive lending rate today

  • Lowest interest rate: 7% / year.
  • Highest interest rate: 7.5% / year.
  • Shortest loan period: 60 days.
  • The longest loan period: 365 days.

Interest is the call of price in financial transactions, between financial institutions and their customers. Low interest rate loan services on your side are being trusted by customers and your choice is increasing. There are now thousands of customers using the service with extremely low interest rates. Because of the financial strength, we will create the best and most favorable conditions for you to get loans quickly. The loan limit will not even be limited if you have a need.


What is the most interesting thing when you borrow money?


  • Is the application procedure cumbersome, does it take time ?.
  • How much money will you be allowed to borrow, enough for your needs ?.
  • How long do you have to wait for money ?.
  • Should you borrow private loans or bank loans?
  • High or low interest rates for loans ?.

Bank loans must require original documents, must have collateral for mortgage, disbursement time from 5 to 7 days. Not counting waiting until that time is returned due to ineligibility of borrowing, bad debts, overdue debts … Many reasons that you do not know where to fall do not manage to keep up. Meanwhile, the need for money to solve the problem cannot be solved. We know your mood is very messy and worried.

Outstanding advantages of fast cash packages on the day

Outstanding advantages of fast cash packages on the day

  • Supported fast loans from 5 million to 500 million. The amount can be up to 1 billion or 2 billion if you need it. If after the application is successful, the contract to be signed will be transferred to the bank account. Or ATM card if you don’t want to receive cash.
  • Flexible installment payment time: daily loan , weekly installment, monthly contribution or contribution. Depending on your ability, there is a reasonable choice.
  • Consult and make a quick, simple, free loan application, get cash after 30 minutes of work.
  • You have the right to choose the short, long term and medium term contribution time.

Conditions for quick access are 30 minutes


  • Just provide the ID card and Household Registration Book (original or photol can). After I finished watching, I’ll give you back. Especially don’t keep any of your documents.
  • Being a Vietnamese citizen living and working nationwide.
  • Irrespective of occupation, gender, qualifications, social status, or religious ethnicity … It is supported to consult low-interest loans for low interest rates.


The subject of the loan does not mortgage


Coming to your service you don’t need to prove your income, your financial ability. Support for everyone aged 22 and over to under 60 years old. Have capacity for criminal responsibility, take responsibility for their acts. You are the director, supervising the works, workers, unskilled workers, online sales, small businesses selling groceries with kiosks in the market, freelance workers are not stable low income. Customers of motorbike taxi, students without jobs are supported and instructed how to borrow money quickly without collateral.

Loans to businesses

In addition, we also support corporate loan lending for customers. lending limit for businesses up to 5 billion VND / customer. You are the owner of a business that needs capital to pay public employees – employees, pay for the cost of the goods just enter the warehouse, import equipment for the business.

At any time, take the initiative to contact your consultant first to be supported with the most preferential interest rate for employers, small and medium enterprises.

Preferential corporate loan products

Preferential corporate loan products

  • Borrow through Viettel sim.
  • Online loan without meeting.
  • Loan by cash, bank transfer.
  • Fast loans do not mortgage assets.
  • Private hot loans – bank interest rates.
  • Borrow according to utility bills
  • Borrow under the business registration license.
  • Loan under life insurance contract
  • Mortgage mortgage of land and housing papers, red book.
  • Hot loan gangster.
  • Fast loan without paperwork.

Disbursement time is super fast


Our financial consulting company has the fastest disbursement time in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Nha Trang. That is because we now have representative offices and branches across the country stretching from the North to the South. Wherever you are, we have enthusiastic support staff. If you are afraid to come to the lending office, be afraid to meet people or get busy when the work is not convenient. Please pick up the phone and call the hotline above. On my side, there is a money lender who works where you live or work.

Time to disburse at dizzying speed, within 30 minutes and at least 1 hour. I would like to remind you only within 30 minutes to 1 hour from consulting, collating papers, appraising and receiving documents until you receive money in your hands. We understand your difficulties right now, so the form of appraisal is just for you, to make it easier for customers to borrow money quickly during the day.

Cheerful and enthusiastic staff

Cheerful and enthusiastic staff

Our low-interest loan services include well-trained and responsible bankers. Always give the most objective and enthusiastic sharing experiences for users. When coming to us, customers do not have to take time to investigate, refer to and register elsewhere. Customers will be supported with advice from the best financial staff on your side. Do not lose any price or fee.

Your financial consulting firm ensures that your personal information and your loan profile are kept 100% confidential. No one can tell if you are borrowing quickly with me, including family members. Only you know and take responsibility for your loan.



The quick loan process has money during the day as follows

The quick loan process has money during the day as follows

When customers have a need to borrow hot money, please feedback here (phone number). Within 5 minutes, financial staff will call for full advice to customers what is the purpose of borrowing customers. Based on the actual conditions, the purpose of borrowing customers will be to inform how much of the loan package. How time and interest rate, form of interest and principal payment in any form. If the customer agrees with the loan advice, the application will be made for the customer. If qualified, customers will receive a loan during the day.



Currently, there are many customers who want to borrow hot money without knowing where to borrow prestige. Have fast money during the day, choose which hot loan products are reasonable, quickly meet your needs. Through the information I have just provided, the details above are quite detailed. We believe that you know how to borrow money quickly in HCM and what is the short, medium, and long-term payment method, right?

Working time is 24/24, all days of the week from Monday to Sunday. Even during the Lunar New Year and the holidays of the year we all work to support you. Do not hesitate any longer without picking up the phone and calling right on the hotline with me. We will be the companion for you during the time when you have difficulty in money.